Hostel Management Software

Our hostel management system and software provide you with the option of the total arrangement, which consists of a fully-featured system that helps to control the entire accommodation facility of your school, college and other institutes. This software will ultimately help you to keep updated records of all the students like their room, meal, and locker room, along with managing hostel details, hotel room management, room allocation and also helps in the management of mess details, inventory management of mess, report generation and other information. The hostel management system includes the admin dashboard, registers, users, search users, receipt, reports, along with providing email and SMS alerts. It is a flexible and user-friendly software which is designed to manage hostels in a better way. This software has been designed to handle, automate, and look-after the entire processing of the vast hostels, which is capable enough to manage inquiry details like paying guest details, payment details, etc. We also assure you with the hostel management software that you will get comprehensive and proper control over the activities of a hostel. Those activities include checking in, check out, log off, discipline issues, attendance of the hostel, bed allocation, etc. when you have a disciplinary log book in place, we believe that management has strict control over the activities.
This software can be used by parents, students, teachers, and other authorized people of the hostel. We also provide you with the convenience of being able to access the application from any place in the world. In reality, you will also get regular updates about the attendance of the students in the hostel. A sense of discipline is also established, which helps the parents along with the students.
REDSHIRE MATRIX PVT LTD is the best hostel software company and service provider in Patna known for developing advanced management software for proper hostel management. This software is the demand of today's modern hostels because the number of schools, colleges and institutes are increasing day-by-day, and it is necessary for all to maintain hostels. Our company is leader in making such kind of software and have experience of more than seven years in this domain and can meet your expectations very well.

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