Pharmacy Management Software

Pharmacy Management Software: An evolution in Pharmacy store
Pharmacy software comes with numerous modules that enable your pharmacy store to customize & streamline the work-flow. It boosts the efficiency, safety as well as profitability of your business. By applying this software, you can be benefited in many ways, as it makes management tremendously easy, by addressing scarcity, formalising work, fetching prompt & correct reports whenever required.

Features of Pharmacy Management System
According to requirements of developing companies, the software must be complex and robust. Like, it should be able to track inventory, generate several reports, manage workflow, and manage complex billing adjudications in real-time, keep track of complete administration data, etc. It involves many essentials modules that are explained below.

It easily recalls the information of patients, drugs and their prescriptions
It has the ability to keep a record of the patients, drugs & prescription information, which is certainly very useful for future purchases or other purposes. In short, it is user-friendly software.

It is safe and accurate
As pharmacy deals with medicines that are integral part of life, it is important to maintain the safety and accuracy, hence leaving no chances of errors

Upgradation of drug-files
Pharmacy software keeps you updated about the new medicines introduced in the market and the information related to the new medicine.

Customized labels
This module allows customized prescription drug labels, therefore making the handlings easier. Electronic wholesaler ordering This module guarantees up-to-date costing and inventory, which ties into reliable margin reporting and inventory valuations.

This module helps you to tally the monthly revenue generated at the end of the month. You need to be informed about the sale of each unit of an inventory as well as the unit disposed or damaged. Hence you can be ensured of maintaining every single penny without it being accounted for.

Account Receivables Management
Account Receivables Management is crucial in the industry of healthcare. This ensures a smooth & successful functioning. This module looks after denied claims and reopens them to receive maximum reimbursement.

Automatic Doctor Fax
This module ensures your doctor to call or fax to restock the medicines of the patients to your pharmacy store ensuring that the patient does not need to be physically present at your store.

What is Pharmacy Software Mobile Application?
Mobile application ensures you and your employees to access all the required information on the go and it is really helpful in real time decision making. Installing a pharmacy software in the mobile platform will boost your business efficiency and will simplify business process.

Benefits of introducing pharmacy software in your business

  • It is helpful in increasing productivity and profit
  • Ownership costs are low
  • It also takes care of the supply chain management.
  • Few modules such as expiry date alert & minimum stock alert are very crucial from the point of human health
  • The software enables easy & interactive retrieval of data and centralized data storage facility
  • The software also enables the analysis and information about the business, which is helps in better decision-making.

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